Through the Family and Faith program, parents – as the first educators of their children – are invited into a deeper and more intimate relationship with the person of Jesus Christ.

Father and two daughters sitting together and smiling

Our Family Educator works to connect families with the religious life of the school and parish while strengthening the relationships between school, families and parish. Some of the Family and Faith initiatives include:

  • Stop, Pray and Reflect (SPaR) is a ten to fifteen minute break on Thursday mornings for parents to take time after the rush of getting the family ready for school and off to work, to reflect upon the presence of God in their lives.
  • Toddler Tales is story telling time for toddlers on Tuesday afternoons before pick up. Parents have time to enjoy coffee and catch up together while their children listen to a story and do crafts.
  • Parent Excursions are opportunities for parents to explore their faith outside of the home and school. Excursions range from touring art galleries to visiting non profit charities.
  • Sacramental Art Workshops help parents become active participants in the Sacraments of their children by creating keepsakes.
  • Guest Speakers are organised for parents to learn about and discuss new topics, further supporting family wellbeing.